Young Couple Loses Their Last $600 In Internet Scam And Nearly Destroys Their Lives, Then A Stranger Saves Them

Tammy Salt

It’s not easy to start a family, but this young couple managed to live a decent life for the past years, even if things seemed to be against them. Unfortunately, things got worse since 2010, and the two somehow survived only with social assistance. They needed help to raise their children, so Nathan and Madison Donovan wanted to apply for a loan. You won’t believe all the things they had to go through!

How did it all happen? Here’s what the couple has to say about their misfortune and how their lives were saved by a complete stranger!


Madison thought of buying a car to get to work on her night shifts, so they decided to do this step, thinking it would make their lives easier. But then things got even worse! They got scammed, and the two were utterly hopeless… Was it too late for them to fix this mess?